Spina Bifida Patient Registry & EHR


GZS CompanyGZS is a provider of disease-specific and condition-specific patient registry software solutions to the global healthcare industry. Our current product offerings are specific to spina bifida, Hemophilia and bleeding disorders, HIV and liver disease, but are readily adapted to other conditions.

GZS has a large customer base of universities, government and non-government agencies, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies and healthcare providers of all sizes in the U.S., South America and Africa.

The company was founded in 1993 to develop the world's first disease-specific software for HIV. Our flagship product, Lab Trackerâ„¢, enabled patients to track, analyze and graph all medications and lab results on a personal computer.

Lab Tracker was the first software program of its kind to provide patients a way to manage a disease that involved dozens of drugs and hundreds of drug combinations while the virus itself evolved to new and resistant forms.

When the first copy of Lab Tracker shipped, healthcare providers asked for a professional version for use in their practices. GZS brought in additional developers and healthcare experts to meet the need of a dozen targeted customers ranging from physicians in small practices to armies of interdisciplinary physicians exchanging data on vast networks in the largest institutions in the U.S.

The most requested attribute was to automate the process of reporting to the U.S. federal government, which had vastly increased its reporting requirements under the Ryan White CARE Act. At this time it had been estimated the costs to the U.S. healthcare system to track, manage and report high-quality HIV data was more than $100 million each year.

Lab Tracker became the first clinical tool for physicians to analyze disease-specific data involving very large patient populations. The platform evolved beyond relational databases to address the needs of pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to conduct outcomes research. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center conducted a comprehensive analysis of Lab Tracker for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the Special Projects of National Significance.

Lab Tracker - HIV was acquired by Virco Labs, Inc. (now Janssen Diagnostics, Inc.) in December 2009.

In response to the success of Lab Tracker, the company developed its patient registry software platform for additional specific conditions, including Spina bifida, Hemophilia and liver disease. During this time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was actively seeking to develop a national patient registry for Spina bifida. 

GZS worked closely with leading universities, treatment centers and government agencies to develop a version of Lab Tracker specific to Spina bifida. After several years of software development involving IT and healthcare expertise, SB-Global became the gold standard for managing and analyzing large patient populations and reporting findings to the federal government.

As with all of our patient registry solutions, SB-Global can be tailored to the treatment and reporting needs of any nation, and to virtually any existing computing environment and spoken language.