Spina Bifida Patient Registry & EHR

  • Cloud BasedCloud-based Spina Bifida Patient Registry and EHR

    • No need for internal IT / IS Support
    • Updates are automatic
    • Most current version is immediately available
    • Accessible from any Internet connection
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  • Designed for Spina BifidaDesigned from Ground Up for Spina Bifida

    • Includes condition-specific details that other EHRs omit
    • Standardized nomenclature via use of LOINC / SNOMED
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  • AnalyticsOutcomes Studies Data Analytics

    • Facilitates national and international outcomes
    • Establish data-driven best practices
    • Export data to Excel or .csv for use in other
      analytical tools or to share with other research teams
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  • TransportabilityTransportability

    • Patient record follows the patient should they move between participating clinics
    • Patient sharing feature allows clinics to see
      all historical registry data from prior clinics
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  • Custom Report WriterDetailed Custom Report Writer

    • Extrapolate data for publication
    • Publish data to .pdf, Excel, .csv or HTML with extensive template tools
    • Secure funding / grant proposals
    • Satisfy independent or government surveillance reporting requirements
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  • Share Data with Existing EHROptional Interface to Share Data with Existing EHR

    • Eliminate double-entry of data using
      customizable interfaces
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SB-Global is the leading spina bifida patient registry and electronic health record solution and is used by the CDC in the U.S.  SB-Global is an off-the-shelf cloud-based and intranet architectural database framework that is tailored to the specific needs of government and non-government agencies (NGOs), ministries of health, universities and healthcare providers throughout the world. Download our one-page Capabilities Statement - 67k pdf.

Electronic Health Records

SB-Global is the new brand name of the WebTracker-Spina Bifida patient registry and Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution used in clinics and agencies throughout the world to create a uniform information infrastructure that tracks interventions and outcomes for patients of nearly all forms of spina bifida. 

Secure Web-based Solution

SB-Global is an ultra-secure web-based solution, or it can be used exclusively on your own intranet.

Patient Registery Solutions

Since 1993, GZS has developed patient registry and EHR solutions for specific diseases and conditions that require the highest levels of data integrity, accountability, configurability and convenience.

Our mission is to extend the success of SB-Global to government agencies, ministries of health, non-government organizations, universities, treatment centers and healthcare providers throughout the world.